How to Reach :

Location & Terrain :

   The institute (SIADS) is located in a pollution free and environment friendly village of Mahuana situated on NH-10 between Malout-Dabwali route. The terrain in the region is mostly plain and its altitude is about 200 metres above MSl.

How to reach SAIDS Mahuana :

By Road
Delhi-->Hissar-->Sirsa-->Dabwali--> Mahuana-->Malout (350Kms)
Chandigarh --> Patiala -->Bathinda --> Malout --> Mahuana-->Dabwali (280Kms)
Jalandhar--> Moga--> Muktsar--> Malout-->Mahuana --> Dabwali (200Kms)
Ludhiana --> Moga--> Muktsar--> Malout-->Mahuana -->Dabwali (150Kms)
Amritsar--> Faridkot--> Muktsar--> Malout--> Mahuana--> Dabwali (200Kms)
Sriganga Nagar--> Abohar--> Malout--> Mahuana--> Dabwali (90Kms)
Dabwali--> Mahuana--> Malout (18Kms)
Bathinda--> Malout--> Mahuana--> Dabwali(62Kms)
By Rail
Delhi --> Hissar --> Bathinda --> Malout
Chandigarh --> Patiala --> Bathinda--> Malout
Sriganganagar --> Abohar --> Malout --> Bathinda
By Air
Delhi to Chandigarh orAmritsar— Thereafter, byRoad or byTrain. Road travel is recommended, as it is more convenient.

Climate :

Summer Season
March to July are summer months with atmospheric temperature ranging from 25 to 45 degree C.
Rainy Season
August to July with atmospheric temperature ranging from 30 to 40 degree C and average rainfall 7 mm.
Winter Season
October to February with atmospheric temperature ranging from 6 to 25 degree C.
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